One-week course - Ayurveda diet and nutrition

21st until the 28th of October 2018, at Nøsen Yoga Retreat Center, Norway.

One-week course: Ayurveda diet and nutrition

During the 7-days course, each student will gain the fundamental knowledge to integrate the practice of Ayurveda into their daily life. They will learn how to get ready for the winter season and detox the body from the toxins accumulated during the summer season. They will understand how to adapt their diet to cure common diseases through quick, easy, delicious and nutritious Ayurvedic recipes as a daily practice for the care of the self and others. They will feel the body through the practice of the auto-massage. Learn how to make and use winter medicine and massage oil. Go deeper into themselves through concentration techniques, open senses, and discover chakras meditation. This week will be a full journey to get into the real self.

The course is limited to a small group of 6-12 students to dedicate more attention to each student to receive the maximum benefit of the teaching. Upon completion of the course, the student will earn a certificate of participation from “ The Joy of Ayurveda “.

Nosen Yoga Center

The 21st of October 2018 Alexander Medin will welcome us in his little paradise at Nøsen Yoga Retreat Center, Norway.

The Joy of Ayurveda is so grateful to organize the Ayurveda diet and nutrition workshop where all began.

During this one-week course, you will learn how to improve the Ayurvedic lifestyle, cooking balanced food according to your body type, detox and get your body ready for the winter season. For more information please download the schedule in the courses section.

About the management of the booking and prices, please follow all the information on the created event by Nøsen Yoga Retreat Center, Norway or Mail: and Phone: +47 484 22 888.

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